st john's wort oil & balm

hypericum perforatum collected from the sun drenched hills surrounding our home and slowly infused in our homegrown olive oil. strained on the summer solstice 2022.


an essential staple in the first aid kit for relieving nerve pain and mending damaged skin. bringing relief to hard-working hands, tension in the shoulders-neck-jaw, sprains & sore muscles.

treat abrasions, burns, bruises, scars, psoriasis.

a known antidepressant, this herb quite literally brings the light into the body. strengthening our inner light & clearing the fog of depression, ushering in the brilliance of the sun and the sharing the spirit of living connection surrounding the summer solstice.


check with your doctor before using alongside prescription medication

oil, glass bottle with pump top

50mL $16

100mL $28

balm, set in fresh local beeswax

50ml engraved tin $16