handcrafted cold process soap

naturally nourishing recipes to honor our outermost layer. made with garden herbs, quality oils and loving intention. the base of many of these soaps is our homegrown, cold-pressed olive oil. deeply moisturizing and rich in vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants.

milk, honey & oats

with lavender

ingredients: farm fresh cow's milk, home-distilled lavender water, local linden honey, homegrown olive oil, lavender infused organic coconut oil, shea butter, sodium hydroxide. with powdered oats throughout.      $8

soline strunjan

adriatic salt bar

ingredients: local salt bed mud, dried kelp, spirulina powder, organic coconut oil, organic sweet almond oil, home-distilled lavender essential oil, sodium hydroxide.      $9


kopriva rosa

hair & body bar

ingredients: fresh nettle infusion, homegrown olive oil infused with comfrey leaf & root, organic coconut oil and coconut milk infused with rose petals, home-distilled rosemary essential oil, sodium hydroxide.     $8

dandelion & chamomile

oat milk bar

ingredients: homemade oat milk (oats + spring water), homegrown olive oil infused with dandelion blossoms, organic coconut oil infused with chamomile blossoms, sodium hydroxide. with powdered oats throughout.    $8