saturnian cypress

distillation of mediterranean cypress (cupressus sempervirens) capricorn full moon conjuct pluto, july 2022

ancient pillars of time

cypress stands as gate between worlds, drawing upon the knowledge of the spiritual & ancestral realms and the deep cycles of time. these guardians are deeply supportive while moving through doorways of death & rebirth. strengthening us at the root & offering solid ground, providing a safe container for transformation and inter-generational healing. here they guide us through the trials and transformations of saturn and pluto, where we descend into our personal underworld and illuminate the undercurrents of self.

through the alchemy of our most wounded parts we unearth our internal sources of power.

a place of decisive turning points and purposeful grief. a necessary stage in our evolution, where outdated aspects are composted to nourish the new growth that otherwise could not come into being. (you reap what you sow) taking responsibility for our own self-mastery and strengthening foundations of understanding - innerstanding. facing hard truths, challenging imbalances of power and our own resistance to change. developing discipline that endures and building pathways for the future. by coming into a collaborative relationship with these archetypes rather than being possessed by them (or suppressing them altogether) we are liberated into greater embodiment. release fears of the past /the unknown to realize deepest potential. kneel on the earth. speak it into being.

while i was gathering branches for this distillation i came upon an old axe embedded in one of the trees (pictured) a protection spell left to time in the overgrowth. a beautiful sign of strength, the hard work of becoming and unbecoming. i suggest using this water in combination with labyrinthe oil which contains the essential oil from this distillation or boundary spell for additional support.


crafted to be used in grounding, purification, ancestral communication & divination practices. focus on pulse points, heart space, neck & shoulders, legs & feet. sacred spaces & offerings. as a scrying medium or in tarot workings. spritz into tea/water or directly on the tongue for dream exploration.

physically cypress balances fluid levels in the body, treats water retention in tissue & joints and flushes out toxins. add to facial steams to open airways. add to the bath. massage in combination with body oils to treat heavy limbs, swollen ankles, sore muscles. a regenerating facial toner for all skin types. safe to spritz into water, tea, recipies.

glass bottle with spray top

50mL $14, 100mL $24

this is a pure herbal distillate with no added preservatives.

all hydrosols are made at home with a copper alembic still.