atephra botanica


sacral forest elixir

rosehips, fig leaves and bay laurel leaves tinctured in brandy. added to a mixture of wild grapes, oak leaves and bay laurel that were concentrated over flame with alpine forest honey. completed during the lunar eclipse in taurus.

channeled through the oak tree that visits in dreams. walking along the borderline of the forest, carefully collecting rosehips under a watchful eye. 

calming nerves, aphrodisiac, digestive aid, immune support. for those struggling with self expression in projects and intimacy. for those holding sexual trauma, uncomfortable being in body. for communion with the entities of the forest.


presence in pleasure. rooting into soil, into body, into senses. releasing fear - bringing mental fertility. opening and inviting curiosity and creative force. ecstatic expression, inspiration, expansion: creative juices flowing. following the threads of heart's desire. crossing the climactic threshold and breaking boundaries we may have enclosed ourselves in.

50mL glass dropper bottle - $14