sacral forest elixir

thrysus dripping honey

along the sea side cliffs of strunjan, nestled between the olive groves, there is a fragrant forest of twisted oak and bay laurel, wild grape and dog rose. where the boars dig root, and ivy paths lead to secluded coves beneath the fig canopy.

channeled through the oak tree that visits in dreams

walking along the forest edge,

collecting rose hips under a watchful eye.

presence in pleasure. rooting into soil, into body, into senses.  breaking boundaries of fear and gender. opening to curiosity, connection, creative force, ecstatic expression. following threads of desire, crossing climactic thresholds.

rose hips, wild grapes, bay laurel, oak leaf, fig leaf, sweet marjoram, fennel flower essence, alpine forest honey, brandy.

use alone or with a partner

for those struggling with self expression in projects and intimacy. relaxing aphrodisiac for those holding sexual trauma or uncomfortable being in body. for communion with the entities of the forest. suggested use with bay laurel hydrosol, and stone pine & sweet marjoram balm

30mL glass dropper bottle $22