atephra botanica


r o s e w a v e s

In the midst of a flood, consider the color of the Water.

~ M. K. Selwood

a pure extract of rose in organic vegetable glycerine.

a sweet prayer whispered to ourselves. loving drops nurturing our tender spots, supporting grieving hearts and the processing of heavy emotions. calming the racing heartbeat driven by nervousness and anxiety. helping us to be at ease in our bodies, present with our senses, and attune to the frequencies of the earth. 

holding your ear to the shell ~

for those too much in their minds, rose helps us move beyond rational intellect, opening the doorways of intuitive knowing. by practicing opening and expanding the heart field we are co-regulating with the earth. recalibrating resonance. healing with the stream, the mountain, the rose. this is a vital re-membering of our roots, interbeing with our environment and living kin. by reviving our natural sense perception and re-centering our awareness, we work to heal the deep wounds of this era and care for something larger than ourselves.

a shield of thorns; careful permission

roses are strong amulets of protection. offering us shelter beneath their shield of thorns, reinforcing our boundaries while opening these doorways into the heart. i like to envision an abalone shell, slowly building layers of beautiful iridescent pearl around the heart and expanding outward, coating the physical /subtle bodies with grace . . here we are safe from harms reach, strengthening from the inside out. 

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