atephra botanica

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Rosemary Hedgerow
body & hair oil

guided by the light of the moon

rosmarinus officinalis infused over several months in our homegrown olive oil

rosemary sparks movement & restores energy.

massage oil for stiff, tired bodies; helpful to those with arthritis, inflammation, lethargy.


stimulating scalp massage for healthy hair and brain activity; research has shown rosemary helps improve memory, cognitive function & mental alertness

safe to eat and delicious added to dishes in the kitchen

available in 50mL ($12) and 100mL ($18)

amber glass bottle with pump top

rosemary for

hair growth, conditioning

& brain function

~ try these twice a week ~

before bathing, brush hair and apply infused oil to the scalp, massaging with finger tips for 5 minutes. brush again to distribute oils before saturating the ends. let sit for 1 hour - overnight before washing


leave-in hair rinse

put fresh (or dry) rosemary in a jar and add hot water. let sit for 1 hour - overnight. strain and use infusion as a final rinse after washing and conditioning,  massage into the scalp and work through ends.

rosemary hydrosol

add to shampoo /conditioner bottles for additional support. spritz hair as part of daily care, apply to roots and massage. dilute in water and use as a final rinse as mentioned above

our olive oil is made from a mixture of varieties native to our region along the coast; belica, štorta, grignan and the italian leccino. grown on the hills around our home, traditionally harvested and cold-pressed for the highest quality, and lovingly infused with herbs from the garden - making beautiful, potent medicines and sharing the rich, distinct taste of istria. 

herbal massage unwinds both mind and body. making space in the day to restore our energy and honor the bodies that carry us. releasing held tension, lowering blood pressure & heart rate, increasing circulation, relieving inflammation, and soothing aches and pains. daily body massage promotes more restful sleep and empowers the immune system.

olive oil has been used for centuries in body and hair care. rich in vitamins & antioxidants, nourishing and strengthening tissue while creating a protective barrier over the surface; sinking deeply into the inner layers, helping retain hydration, balance discoloration, support collagen & elastin levels, heal minor wounds, burns, and scars.