rosemary hedgerow

body massage & hair oil

rosmarinus officinalis infused over several months in our homegrown olive oil

therapeutic massage oil for grounding & restoration. easing stiff, tired bodies and helpful to those with arthritis, inflammation, lethargy. a stimulating scalp massage for healthy hair and brain activity.

ancestral aromatic for protection, connection & remembrance. to hold boundaries and clear channels, creating a safe place for healing and dream exploration

safe to eat & delicious added to dishes in the kitchen

glass bottle with pump top

50mL $16

100mL $28

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rosemary & hair care

~ try these twice a week ~

before bathing, brush hair and apply infused oil to the scalp, massaging with finger tips for 5 minutes. brush again to distribute oils before saturating the ends. let sit for 1 hour - overnight before washing


leave-in hair rinse

put fresh (or dry) rosemary in a jar and add hot water. let sit for 1 hour - overnight. strain and use infusion as a final rinse after washing and conditioning,  massage into the scalp and work through ends.

rosemary hydrosol

add to shampoo /conditioner bottles for additional support. spritz hair as part of daily care, apply to roots and massage. dilute in water and use as a final rinse as mentioned above