rosemary hedgerow

distillation of homegrown rosmarinus officinalis

sparking movement & restoring energy

helpful to those living with arthritis, inflammation, lethargy. add to baths, massage in combination with oils to treat tired bodies, and use in facial steams to open airways. refreshing morning facial spray for all skin types, regenerating skin and treating blemishes.

safe to spritz into water, tea, recipes.

a stimulating scalp massage mist for healthy hair and brain activity; research has shown rosemary helps improve memory, cognitive function & mental alertness. 

ancestral aromatic for protection, connection & remembrance. a ritual mist to hold boundaries and clear channels; creating a safe place for healing and dream exploration

glass bottle with spray top

50mL $14, 100mL $24

this is a pure herbal distillate with no added preservatives.

all hydrosols are made at home with a copper alembic still.

rosemary & hair care

~ try these twice a week ~

before bathing, brush hair and apply infused oil to the scalp, massaging with finger tips for 5 minutes. brush again to distribute oils before saturating the ends. let sit for 1 hour - overnight before washing


leave-in hair rinse

put fresh (or dry) rosemary in a jar and add hot water. let sit for 1 hour - overnight. strain and use infusion as a final rinse after washing and conditioning,  massage into the scalp and work through ends.

rosemary hydrosol

add to shampoo /conditioner bottles for additional support. spritz hair as part of daily care, apply to roots and massage. dilute in water and use as a final rinse as mentioned above