a divine distillation of roses, lovingly collected from a neighbor's vineyard overlooking the sea.


cooling and comforting in all spheres;

physical, mental, emotional, spiritual


rose water has been used for centuries to hydrate, balance, and soften skin. mist face, body, space. use in baths, steams, masks. a refreshing daily facial spray for all skin types, revitalizing and balancing skin while treating blemishes. safe to spritz into water, tea, recipes.

rose gently opens the heart space and nurtures our tender spots. soothing emotional wounds, calming fear and cooling anxiety. teaching us not to close ourselves away from the world for too long, encouraging us to open up to possibility, connection, and love in all forms.

glass bottle with spray top

50mL $14, 100mL $24

morning dew
rose water

this is a pure herbal distillate with no added preservatives.

all hydrosols are made at home with a copper alembic still.