rebirth: cypress hydrosol
with almond blossom


a special distillation of mediterranean cypress with almond blossom. crafted under the new moon in pisces, march 2022.

beautifully aromatic. calming yet stimulating. a meditative mist to keep on hand for grounding support. helpful in dream exploration, living grief and ancestral work

.: themes .:

transitional cycles. birth, death, renewal. collective healing and compassion. grounding between realities. stillness in chaos. presence in spirit. gateway to dreamscapes, ancestral line, unseen-unconscious. embracing the full spectrum of life experience. faith that light will return in moments of darkest despair. pisces-virgo axis. apply to pulse points, mist self & space

.: topical use .:

cypress balances fluid levels in the body, treating water retention in tissue and joints and flushing out toxins. add to facial steams to open airways.

mist & massage in combination with oils or balms to treat heavy limbs, swollen ankles, sore muscles. add to baths, foot soaks, compresses. a refreshing facial spray for normal-oily skin types,

toning skin and treating acne and blemishes.

safe to spritz into water, tea, recipes

100mL tinted glass bottle with spray top ~ $15

this is a pure herbal distillate with no added preservatives.

all hydrosols are made at home with a copper alembic still.