radiant emergence

inner light elixir

tending to the light within. softening how we talk to ourselves and rewriting the inner narrative. exchanging fear for love, shame for celebration, insecurity for introspection. embracing our many-sidedness, illuminating our inherent strengths and resting assured in our abilities. navigating from a place of self trust, we become the center of our own circle of influence and leave the need for others approval behind. allowing free flowing self expression and the alignment of our inner and outer-selves, expanding into authentic presence. relaxing fully into who we are. better serving ourselves and our community. viewing aspirations as tangible reality. taking intentional and inspired action. permission to grasp the moment at hand, bursting into new facets of self discovery. 

new moon in leo .:. jupiter in aries

made with flowering bunches of lemon balm, fresh milky oat tops, homegrown peach nectar and etruscan honeysuckle. with energetic doses of century agave blossom, saint john's wort, and an incredible four headed calendula that graced our garden. in our homemade persimmon liquor and organic vegetable glycerine

delicious daily drops to care for the inner child; inviting untethered imagination, openness, curiosity and joy to lead the way. viewing mistakes as pathways for learning. calming and nourishing to the nervous system, relaxing tension and brightening outlook.


this calendula came to me in the garden at a time it was most needed. three flowers blooming from the head of one. an incredibly warming, radiant aura beaming in all directions. their reminder :: you are the key to your own expansion. vital force lives within, tend to it care(fully). embrace and integrate the many-sided self. all paths at the crossroads will lead to where you need to go.


this century agave took 40 years to bloom! sending up a towering stalk from the center, slowly unfurling under the summer sun. insects, birds and human kin alike came from the surrounding hills to bear witness to it's magnificence and share in sweet nectar. it truly felt like a celebration, an act of community care. a patient emergence, proving fruitful at the end of a (very)long road.

30ml glass dropper bottle $22

label image: Petal, Wings, and Light ~ Leo Kenney