atephra botanica

between earth and sea

herbal offerings from the adriatic coast


hydrosols : pure herbal distillates

earth, air, fire and water come together in the ancient transformational art of distillation. hydrosols are powerful water medicines, holding the spirit and properties of the plant in each drop; moving deep beneath the surface and tending to our physical, emotional and energetic bodies.


these essential waters are gentle and versatile, sharing endless applications. they are well known for being brilliant facial toners - balancing and nourishing the skin, added to masks, steams and baths. when used in combination with herb infused oils they are a miracle in body massage, soothing sore muscles and releasing held tension.

a refreshing mist for home, space, clothing, or kept in your bag as a pick-me-up. use in grounding, meditation and energy clearing practices, and in the kitchen flavoring dishes & beverages.

herbal distillation is a practice held very close to my heart; all hydrosols and essential oils are made at home with careful patience, intention and gratitude using a copper alembic still and spring water.

custom mixtures are available - contact for inquiries

morning dew
rose water


lavender mist


garden sage hydrosol


rosemary hedgerow

chamomile mist


bay laurel hydrosol


rebirth cypress hydrosol
with essence of almond blossom