atephra botanica

between earth and sea

herbal offerings from the adriatic coast


cold process soap

natural soaps handcrafted with organic ingredients
quality oils & garden grown herbs

the skin is an incredible organ. our outermost layer,
porous and protective, absorbing what it comes into contact with.
this is important to keep in mind when caring for it, as most commercial
'soaps' are actually not soaps at all, they're synthetic detergents.
these chemical concoctions strip skin of natural protective oils, 
our endocrine, reproductive, and immune systems, and once they run
down the drain cause further harm in the environment.

the base of these soaps is our homegrown, cold-pressed olive oil.
deeply moisturizing and rich in vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants.
naturally nourishing recipes made with loving intention.
easy on skin sensitivities and the earth.


Dandelion & Chamomile
oat milk bar

ingredients: homemade oat milk (oats + water), our homegrown olive oil infused with dandelion blossoms, organic coconut oil infused with chamomile blossoms, powdered oats, sodium hydroxide (lye). cured 2 months

~65-70g, $7


Kopriva Rosa
& body bar

ingredients: fresh nettle infusion, our homegrown olive oil infused with comfrey leaf & root, organic coconut oil and coconut milk infused with rose petals, a light amount of home-distilled rosemary essential oil, sodium hydroxide (lye). cured 2 months

~65-70g, $7