dark moon distillations of juniper, rose hip & hawthorn berry (juniperus sabina, rosa canina, crataegus monogyna)

the third embodiment. the waning moon descending into darkness, the silent pause before the next inhale, the dissolution that precedes regeneration.

channeling the crone, the wise woman, the grandMother. stewardess of the bloodline, she is the collective wisdom of time running through our veins, the truth in our bones. the woman we are forever becoming. with wrinkles like runes upon her skin and a smirk of deep knowing, she hands down stories woven through generations. a crystallization of life experience

heartwood. hearth tender. torch bearer.

centered in the vastness of her being, she moves slowly and with purpose. her hand held at the bedsides of birth and death, she is a witness to the secrets of this world and the next. she knows the eternal bonds of blood and stone and where to turn at the crossroads. a compassionate guide through rites of passage and times of deepest despair. she passes down her book of spells, planting seeds for the future within us.

re-envisioning what it means to grow older. from childhood we are collecting time and experience. it is a gradual, nonlinear, ripening of the self. we are not just the present but the sum of all our years. we all have experiences that have aged us, moments that effect us forever. touches with mortality, love, trauma. these initiations leave their mark and in every moment after they are alive and active within us, revisited (however consciously) throughout the rest of our lives. identify which of them is working on us in this moment. which years feel loud? what memories keep circling back? what do they need from us now? what keys do they hold? re-establish rapport with the concentric circles of self. pay close attention to where your imagination wanders and what images come to the surface.

with this water we surrender to stillness and come home to ourselves. it is an invitation to rest, to heal, to linger in the pauses between breaths, to honor those before us. a time of deep listening and observation. turning inward to align with our inner crone, our ancestress, coaxing her out beneath the layers, allowing her to be heard and direct us forward.

a distillation of memory and myth.

i like to spritz this into my tea and with meditation, directly on the tongue before bed for dream work. on the heart space for healing, left as an offering in sacred spaces, in blessing amulets & altars, and energetic cleansing around the home. use intuitively in your own personal practices for healing, protection, ancestors & otherworld.

glass bottle with spray top

50mL $14, 100mL $24

this is a pure herbal distillate with no added preservatives.

all hydrosols are made at home with a copper alembic still.

label image: Georges de La Tour