Chamomile Hydrosol

a sweet distillation of homegrown chamomile

gentle and cooling, chamomile is one of the best all-purpose waters. winding down the nervous system,  lifting mood and calming skin sensitivites. for stress reduction, depression, irritability, and restless nights.

mist face, body, space

refreshing facial spray for all types; all-in-one makeup remover, skin cleanser and toner. add to baths, soaks, and masks. spritz light mist over pillows and blankets to help sleep. treat bites, burns, rashes, rosacea, inflammation. as an eyewash, use in a compress to treat conjunctivitis, puffy eyes, and digital eye strain

used safely from birth, chamomile is a wonder for mother and child care. a calming scent for bedding and space. add to baths and homemade wet wipes. use diluted as a soothing breast wash, postpartum sitz bath, and diaper-rash aid

*fairly astringent and long term use is not recommended for those with excessively dry skin

safe to spritz into water, tea, recipes

100mL tinted glass bottle with spray top ~ $15

this is a pure herbal distillate with no added preservatives.

all hydrosols are made at home with a copper alembic still.