boundary spell

adriatic protection oil

cypress and rosemary infused in homegrown olive oil with energetic doses of yucca leaf & blossom and obsidian stone.

a lesson in making (and holding) boundaries,
keeping ourselves intact while caring for others and building healthy intimacy. cypress and rosemary are deeply grounding, helping us remain centered while entering stressful situations or chaotic periods. to cleanse and restore the auric field after time spent in highly charged spaces. for the ability to see clearly & redirect those with hidden motives, unchecked projections, and those harboring hostility and ill will. while also working with harmful energies that come from within; intrusive thoughts, self sabotage, distorted image. creating a safe container for reflection and healing.

focus on where you hold tension in the body. pulse points, heart space, neck & shoulders, along the spine, hands and feet. anoint amulets and candles. at the start of the day, before bed, as needed. physically, cypress and rosemary move stagnancy in the body and mind. helpful in massage for lethargy, heavy limbs and muscle pain.


50mL glass bottle with pump top $22