atephra botanica


boundary spell

adriatic protection oil

cypress and rosemary infused olive oils with essences of yucca leaves, blossoms, and obsidian stone. a protection spell in honor of this landscape - where cypress, rosemary, and yucca are often woven together along hedgerows and entrance ways.

cypress and rosemary are herbs that move stagnancy

in the body and mind. helpful in body massage for

lethargy, heavy limbs and muscle pain.

a lesson in making (and holding) boundaries,
keeping ourselves intact while caring for others and building healthy intimacy. cypress and rosemary are deeply grounding, helping us remain centered while entering stressful situations or chaotic periods. to cleanse + restore the auric field after time spent in highly charged spaces. for protection from harmful energies in our environment and also from within; working to reduce intrusive thoughts, self sabotage, distorted image. redirecting those with hidden motives, unchecked projections, and those harboring hostility and ill will.

apply to the heart space, around the neck, along the spine, hands and feet, pulse points. anoint amulets and candles. at the start of the day, before bed, as needed.

blessed under the full moon in capricorn,
found this old axe embedded in the cypress corridor the next day 𓌵


50mL amber glass bottle with pump top - $12


our olive oil is made from a mixture of varieties native to our region along the coast; belica, štorta, grignan and the italian leccino. grown on the hills around our home, traditionally harvested and cold-pressed for the highest quality, and lovingly infused with herbs from the garden - making beautiful, potent medicines and sharing the rich, distinct taste of istria. 

herbal massage unwinds both mind and body. making space in the day to restore our energy and honor the bodies that carry us. releasing held tension, lowering blood pressure & heart rate, increasing circulation, relieving inflammation, and soothing aches and pains. daily body massage promotes more restful sleep and empowers the immune system.

olive oil has been used for centuries in body and hair care. rich in vitamins & antioxidants, nourishing and strengthening tissue while creating a protective barrier over the surface; sinking deeply into the inner layers, helping retain hydration, balance discoloration, support collagen & elastin levels, heal minor wounds, burns, and scars.