eternal elixir:

blood memory

calling in the mystery. participating in personal mythology. unearthing origins of blood and bone. translating inter-generational images, working with memories and emotions evoked by synchronistic events.


attuning fork for the subtle, underlying echoes of what has been forgotten. the piecing together of past & present. soul memory. vow fulfillment. matrix mapping and multifaceted vision. intercourse between self and divine. exploring dreamscapes and the ancestral line. 

elderberries, purple figs & leaf, uva fragola & leaf, olive blossom & leaf, rosemary spires, artemisia vulgaris, rose buds, wisteria infused honey, datura dew drops, essences of climbing nightshade, queen anne’s lace, spiderweb, hawkmoth, pomegranate tree. in rose water & artemisian brandy. 

30ml glass dropper bottle $22