Bay Laurel Hydrosol


distillation of homegrown laurus nobiliscollected from a beautifully fragrant tree growing among the figs on the hill. this essential water shares the most heavenly scent; perfectly embodying the potent energy of this magical landscape between earth & sea

calming & uplifting ritual mist

for grounding, purification, and clarity


antibacterial & antiseptic

first aid: wound wash, mouth rinse. clean minor cuts and scrapes. dilute in water for tooth aches, gum inflammation and general oral health. lymph cleanser, mist swollen neck glands at the first signs of a cold.

mist face, body, space. add to baths and compresses.

massage in combination with body oil to relieve arthritic and menstrual pain. refreshing facial spray for all skin types, revitalizing skin while treating acne and blemishes. bay laurel is a great addition to a foot soak. and pick-me-up mist kept in your bag.


safe to spritz into water, tea, recipes

100mL tinted glass bottle with spray top ~ $15

this is a pure herbal distillate with no added preservatives.

all hydrosols are made at home with a copper alembic still.